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Dr. Yvonne Kallane is founder of Change the Ending, asocial media campaign that aims to empower survivorsand educate the public, policymakers and professionalson how to identify, prevent and respond to coercivecontrol. She is recognised as a specialist on coercivecontrol and its criminalisation in Australia, and a livedexperience expert. Her approach is grounded in evidencebasedpractice and research-driven insights, deliveredthrough workshops, seminars and keynotes.Yvonne was born and raised in Perth and left at the ageof 18 to enlist in the Royal Australian Navy. She haslived on three continents, travelled to many more, andthe cities she has called home include Sydney, Chicago,Shanghai, and Singapore. Yvonne came home in January2020 just weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic closedthe world’s borders, reclaiming her freedom in Australiaafter escaping from a decades-long marriage marked bycoercive control. Navigating the legal complexities of TheHague Convention on International Child Abduction wasessential to protect herself from potential criminalisationfor bringing her children to Australia. Her first introductionto the term ‘coercive control’ came through presscoverage a month after she arrived. In 2023, she made thecourageous decision to leave her 20-year academic careerbehind and transition into the field of Social Justice.Yvonne is a Social Impact Fellow, Associate Editor at TheInternational Journal of Human Rights, Non-executiveDirector on the Board of Yourtoolkit.com, and author ofsix books. She holds a first Ph.D. in International Businessfrom Monash University, and a Masters in Human Rightsfrom University of London. She is half-way through hersecond Ph.D. at University of Notre Dame Australia.


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