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Psychology for a Safe Climate

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Facilitators include:Christie WilsonChristie is PSC’s Climate Mental Health Manager. She has a wealth of experience supporting practitioners in bringing climate psychology into their clinical practice, mentoring the practitioner’s climate journey, and facilitating group processes around climate emotions. She designed and facilitated the inaugural Intervision Group for PSC in 2022 and co-designed the CAP Facilitator Training with Beth Hill. Christie developed the Regen101 program focusing on Earth Emotions and Regenerative Cultures. In her practice, she provides activists, organisers, and climate and environmental advocacy groups with mental health and burnout support, pre and post-action debriefings, and movement-wide regenerative development.Christie holds a Master of Psychotherapy (Gestalt) focused on the somatic, is a clinical member of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA), and is an accredited Fellow of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). Bronwyn GreshamBronwyn was appointed as CEO of PSC in October 2023, having been a longstanding member and volunteer with PSC since 2012. She is a registered clinical psychologist who has worked across the community health, private practice and university sectors in clinical services, advisory, leadership, strategic planning, risk management, mental health promotion and prevention. Bronwyn is passionate about emerging holistic, collaborative and collective approaches to emotional, psychological and social health and wellbeing, as we live in and respond to the climate crisis. 


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