Part 2: Catherine Chen’s Post Graduation Journey – What life is like!

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Motivated by my deep interest in grief counselling, particularly within the compassionate realm of non-profit organisations, I’ve been looking for roles where I can offer significant support to individuals navigating the complexities of grief and loss. In the past few weeks, I’ve had insightful conversations with recruiters, gaining a deeper understanding of roles that align with my interests and values. However, as my excitement met the reality of these roles, I noticed a gap between my experience and the demands of potential employers. While my rewarding journey in private practice and life has contributed significantly, it might have only partially aligned with the comprehensive expectations of these roles.

Catherine Chen

This newfound understanding inspired me to explore volunteering opportunities centred on grief counselling. After extensive research, I decided to pursue an opportunity with Griefline, an organisation that offers free grief support and resources. This commitment involves dedicating at least one weekly shift for 12 months, supporting individuals aged 18 and above in Australia who are coping with grief through their helpline services.

The application process included completing an online form where I shared my availability and reasons for volunteering with Griefline, briefly outlining my skills and experience. Additionally, I participated in a brief online interview with a member of the Volunteer Support Team to assess my suitability for the role. During the interview, I discussed the qualities and skills I believed were essential for this role, shared my personal experiences with grief and loss, and provided insights into my support system. A sense of joy filled me when they expressed genuine excitement about having me on board at the end of the interview. This further fuelled my enthusiasm for embarking on this meaningful journey with Griefline, as I eagerly anticipate contributing to the organisation’s mission and growing both personally and professionally through this impactful experience.

This decision resonates deeply with my commitment to bridging identified gaps, providing an opportunity to strengthen my connection with this meaningful field of grief and loss counselling. Beyond that, it signifies a genuine effort to give back to the community, marking a significant step in the personal development of my identity as a counsellor. As I step into this role, I am genuinely excited about the prospects of learning, growing, and positively impacting the lives of those navigating the complexities of grief.

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