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Counselling I believe that Counselling is the point where knowledge, philosophy, science, the brain and the mind all meet.When you need to take information and apply it to make real world results, thats what I call Practical Wisdom.Its been said that to be truly wise, learning from your own mistakes is not enough, you need to learn from the wisdom of others as well.So let me share a secret with you. Everything is a skill…. You can be taught to do anything, and that includes how to think in a way that builds you into a more skilled, conscious and wiser you.Through this process I can coach you through learning the skills to unlock the potential of your body and mind, prepare for hurdles, stay motivated and nail your goals.This can be done for a whole range of issues- anger, depression, grief, relationships, anxiety, mens stuff etc etcCall me today at WiseGuy Counselling and Coaching for a chat about unlocking your potential. Lets build you through Practical WisdomFlexible hours. Flexible pricing. Tangible results.We also offer Counselling Supervision servicesSessions are typically $120 and range from 60-90 Minutes. Times are flexible, so please contact me to discuss your needs and financial considerations.Some health fund rebates are available. Talk soon, Az 🙂



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