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Alan Furlong

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The Process; My approach is an eclectic mix between psychodynamic, humanistic person centred counselling and psychoanalytic theoretical concepts, while at the same time progressing at the pace the client is comfortable with. A gentle but progressive process facilitating the client to work through any material that requires exploration and support. I offer Counselling analytical sessions, Supervision sessions, Couple Counselling sessions & group sessions both psychotherapeutic and clinical supervision work. Bookings Can be made directly at; over 20 years in clinical practice in Ireland I was head of counselling & psychotherapy since 1999 – August 2014 in Irelands largest drug & trauma clinic for the Irish Health Service. As part of the multi-disciplinary team I worked in Multi-disciplinary teams that included psychiatry, social workers and medical staff in dealing with acute cases of trauma, and addiction and clinically supervised staff in all disciplines on how to cope with the vicarious nature of the material they were dealing with. I also ran a large private practice in Ireland specialising in clinical supervision of counselling therapists and facilitated personal therapy for senior and students of counselling.The private practise specialised in working with therapists and professionals going through their own personal therapy and a smaller amount of clients were non clinicians. I specialise in CPTSD & PTSD, trauma, addiction, unconscious processes, relationship issues, complex sexuality issues and complex issues that individuals struggle with.My background is in counselling, psychotherapy and analysis from a humanistic person centred approach and psychoanalysis of which I am both trained in. I arrived in Perth in August 2014.My approach in working with individuals is gentle, explorative and psycho-educational to help any client I work with gain insight and awareness about what it is they need to work through and or resolve. From a psychoanalytic approach the two main pillars of psychoanalysis are the unconscious and sexuality, and from a humanistic approach some of the core conditions are unconditional positive regard, non-judgmental approach and empathy, both approaches with sensitivity, compassion, integrity and respect. I firmly believe that both approaches can work in eclectic mix in helping the client via speech gain the knowledge and work through the emotions that they might require venting. 


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