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Alyona Cerfontyne

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​Helping couples and individuals have more fulfilling relationshipsHi, I am Alyona, a couples therapist and a relationship educator. My life journey so far has been a very unusual one and taught me many lessons – but most importantly, it showed me that the most treasured things in life are the people we connect with. They are our strengths and our challenges. I have not met a person who was unhappy in life if they had great relationships: family and friends. My life belief is the secret to happiness lies in healthy relationships: with yourself and others. SPECIALISING INcouples/marriage counsellingsex therapy / psychosexual therapypre-marital counselling and coachingadult discovery of misattributed paternity (the social father is not the biological father) MY QUALIFICATIONS I have a Masters Degree in Counselling (Monash University), Postgraduate Diploma in Pychosexual Therapy (Sydney University) and Diploma of Education (Postgraduate). I am currently completing my PhD on counselling for misattributed paternity discoveries.I speak three languages and spent most of my life outside my home country. And most importantly, I am a mum and a wife.



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