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Anita Blackwell – Clinical Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor.I have been working in this space for over 15 years, working predominately with adults who struggle with knowing what type of relationship they want, understanding why it is important and what they want to achieve in a relationship either with themselves or others. My training intertwines the Gottman Method, the Couples Institute Developmental Model, Attachment and Polyvagal Theories which places me in a position to assist both individuals and couples in the areas of:trustloss of selflacking safety and protectioncommunicationboredomunable to make decisionsnot knowing how to separateavoid closeness, avoid conflict, pushing away, nagging, misunderstandings, blame, shame, judgement, defensivenessguilt, cheating, infidelityresentmentemotional reactivityunhelpful thoughtsfocus on weaknesses and being caught in a negative cycle.Part of your journey is understanding what outcomes are most suited to you and your unique circumstance, be it change, growth and development, or to dissolve a relationship or to assist in making a key decision moving forward.The techniques used will assist in finding what is needed to feel more secure within self, or in a relationship and works to differentiate those individual needs. Creating a more secure attachment, ending chaos and bringing light to the negative projections individuals and couples use to protect their vulnerabilities.If this resonates with you, book in a session with me by calling (08) 9246 9482I look forward to going on this part of your journey with you.


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