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Ann Ross

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Registered Supervisor with College of Supervisors. Passionate social worker and counselor dedicated to enhancing mental well-being. Committed to creating a safe space for individuals to explore and overcome mental health challenges.Experienced providing empathetic support and implementing evidence-based interventions to promote positive change. Advocates for mental health awareness and strives to empower clients on their journey toward emotional resilience and healing.With seven years of dedicated mental health counseling experience, in private practice, I specialize in clinical outreach, group work, and individual family consultations. Proficient in note keeping, record maintenance, triage assessment, and case work, I have a comprehensive skill set, including handling legal subpoenas, medical reporting, and NDIS reporting.As a seasoned professional, I excel in conducting assessments, formulating recommendations, and delivering psychotherapy. My expertise lies in working with young people aged 12-25, providing tailored support to address their unique mental health needs.Currently serving as the Clinical Lead at the headspace center, I am committed to fostering a compassionate and therapeutic environment, guiding individuals toward holistic well-being. 



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