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Barbara Kiao-Muller

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Dr Barbara Kiao has been providing counselling and management solutions to individuals, couples and organisations for more than a decade. She specialises in cross-cultural marriages; interpersonal relationships and behavioural counselling so offer executives, families, couples and individuals a calm environment where personal and relationship difficulties can be explored.Dr. Barbara has been counselling individuals and corporate clients since 2004, and her unique, holistic S.T.E.P. approach integrates the spiritual, thinking, emotions and physical aspects of being. She uses integrataive methods tailoring to each client by applying evidence based techniques that best fit her clients.Clients can achieve high levels of self-confidence, self-love and self-respect. Life-long, distorted beliefs are identified and eliminated. Clients then quickly overcome anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, the constant craving for food; alcohol; drugs; sex; love; and other addictive behaviours.Dr. Barbara has conducted training throughout the Asia Pacific Rim, specialising in healthy parenting skills; creating healthy relationships; radical self-care programs; executives and life coaching.Throughout her career, she has always concentrated on the human innovation facet of successful living; helping individuals, and executives alike to be loving, intimate partners, and nurturing parents in order to be successful executives and citizens.Dr. Barbara's passion for self education and development remains her key focus in her field. A strong believer in mindful living and achieving one's fullest potential, she brings with her, a wealth of international and cross-cultural experiences in relationship and behavioural counselling.  




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