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Brenda Searle

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 EXPERIENCED – QUALIFIED – REGISTEREDBrenda is the principal of Mind Balance Hypnotherapy & Counselling and has operated a successful private practice for over two decades in the Australian Capital Territory. As a qualified and registered Professional Hypnotherapist, Counsellor and Professional Supervisor she is recognised as a specialist in her field.Brenda appreciates that her role as a therapist may help people to alter their lives, hence she undertakes regular professional development and clinical supervision. She believes that not only is it her role to help others make positive change in themselves, their lives and their worlds, it is just as important that she commits to a responsiblity to herself to stay self aware and to continue her own personal development. Focussing on living a content and satisfied life, Brenda enjoys a flexible approach to living and endeavours to maintain a relaxed way of being.As a clinical supervisor Brenda strives to help others in the field be the best that they can be while protecting the welfare of the client. Her expertise ranges from helping those newly qualified to carve out their own style of practice, attract client's that are a good fit and to raise their professional identify in an ethical manner,  to helping more experienced counsellors' maintain their self awareness, skills. and importantly,  the prevention of burnout.Whether your looking for a Professional Counsellor, Hypnotherapist or Clinical Supervisor please don't hesitate to contact Brenda to have a chat and she will happily anwer all your questions.Face to face, zoom and phone consults available.



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