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Carolyn Grace, of Grace Counselling and Education is a qualified Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor,  specialising in counselling children, young people and their families who are experiencing grief, loss, trauma and change in their lives.ABOUT With a dedicated focus on working with children and young people, as well as supporting carers, educators, supervisees, and counsellors, my career as a Counsellor, Supervisor, and Educator has involved providing service excellence across various organisations and schools.Most of my work has been in and with schools, assisting students with the experiences of mental health issues, trauma, life and school challenges, grief, and change. I have also had the privilege of providing trauma-response practice in education training and consultation to schools across Australia  and as a presenter at international and national conferences, through my 7 years of working with the Australian Childhood Foundation. For 5 years I worked at the Survivors of Torture, Trauma, Assistance and Rehabilitation Services (STTARS) in Adelaide as the Child and Youth Counselling Team Leader and Counsellor, providing counselling to child and young people from a refugee background.COUNSELLING- for children, young people, parents and caregivers and familiesWorking from a trauma-integrative and responsive, neuro-bio-psychosocial, recovery-focused, and hope and strength-based approach, I provide clinical assessment and counselling to assist my clients in making meaning of their stories, finding healing and hope, and developing resilience and effective coping skills.Areas of interest and experience include developmental and complex relational trauma, other traumatic incidents, including the death of a family member, parental separation or divorce or any other change.Using a variety of therapeutic approaches such as Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, Synergetic Play Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Walk and Talk Therapy, as well as other creative mediums, such as rhythmn and body movement, I seek to create a safe and caring environment for children and young people to share their story and together look at ways safety and security can be re-established.It has been an honour to provide the best care and evidence-based interventions for children, young people, and their families, supervisees, and participants to feel supported, to grow, and to learn.Creating and restoring relational safety is an important goal in my work.CLINICAL SUPERVISIONI also provide clinical supervision and reflective practice for those working in this space. The majority of my supervisees are working with children, young people and families in private practice or as School Counsellors, Wellbeing staff and Pastoral Care workers or Chaplains.I provide an outreach service as well as online and telephone services.GROUP PROGRAMSGrace Counselling and Education is excited to offer the following programs:- Bringing Up Great Kids – parenting program Rhythm2Recovery – rhythm, music, voice & movement program for children, young people, student groups, parents/caregivers and families Grace Counselling and Education, we seek to understand your story and journey with you….




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