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Carrie Wallis

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A clinical supervisor with a Post Graduate qualification in Bereavement Counselling I specialise in bereavement, grief & loss counselling; alongside depression, anxiety and stress which often have underlying grief issues.My greatest delight is seeing the smile return to a clients' face. I will support you through any difficulties you face with compassion, undivided attention and skill. I will work with you collaboratively to facilitate the changes you want for your life. Having watched my husband die of cancer and supporting my young children through that traumatic event; as well as surviving my own cancer, watching my beloved daughter plummet into depression as a result has given me a unique perspective on the devastation such traumas can wreak. Learning that life can be good again with the right support to help you through. These events help me work with you with true understanding and empathy, recognising that everyone's experiences are different and grief responses are unique to each person.My clients' tell me I am warm, approachable, patient and easy to talk with. They love knowing I am listening and there for them, providing a safe space where they feel able to be truly vulnerable and honouring their needs at all times.As an accredited facilitator of the Black Dog Institute's R.E.A.C.H program for sufferers of Depression, Anxiety and Mood Disorders I run Wellness workshops supporting people through to recovery. These run once a year, time permitting.I have run my own business since 2000, and combine Counselling with Life Coaching as appropriate for my client. This ensures a holistic experience for you and avoids unhelpful "labelling". I work both in person and online using secure Zoom conferencing. I also work with you individually or in a group. As a qualified educator, I am highly skilled in group facilitation.As a qualified Business Coach I enjoy working with other Counsellors and Coaches facilitating the establishment of their own private practice. Empowering confidence through showing how to successfully market their services to find clients. This combined with deeper mindset work to help overcome any self-sabotaging behaviours that may be blocking their prosperity.  Additionally, I am a best selling author of the book "From Strangers to Clients"  which details my successful client-attraction system.As a clinical supervisor I employ the RISE UP supervision model and firmly believe the process needs to be one of empowerment for the counsellor. Valuing and respecting the skills and knowledge you already have.As a qualified trainer & assessor I delight in teaching the skills of coaching and counselling to students as well as a whole range of life and business skills.I hold Master Practioner & Trainer status in NLP, as well as certifications in Emotional Intelligence coaching, Resilience coaching and Strengths Profiling using the renowned VIA institutes model.I have also been a Lifeline crisis support worker and partner with the Center for Volunteering in Sydney running stress management and resilience workshops for Volunteer Managers and Volunteers.




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