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Christine Buckingham

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Level 2/Registered as SupervisorHelping you journey:: • Relationship Problems • Reducing and coping with stress • Mental Health Social Support • Grief and Loss • Anxiety related problems • Reactions to trauma • Sexual, emotional and physical abuse • Loss of meaning and purpose in life • Loneliness • Life transitions • Caring for the carer * Pregnancy Support Consultancy Giving you a safe place to share, be heard, valued; assisted to find the resources you may have lost sight of by reflective listening and the client centered approach. The opportunity to explore and discover your chosen way forward, the steps needed to get there and the offer of support as you journey. We will do this by, listening, identifying thoughts and behaviors and exploring patterns and themes and breaking things down into manageable steps. Our objective is to assist you to communicate clearly and assertively, to change negative thought patterns and look at healthier ways of being. Developing ways to soothe yourself in difficult times in order that you will have choices as to how you respond. I have over 30 years experience working in the community in the teaching, social work field and have been a foster parent of 43 children. Have been a manager of a community organization and am also a nurse working in a private psychiatric hospital that deals with drug & alcohol rehab as well as acute mental health issues. I have a Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and counselling and am registered as a trauma therapist. I care deeply about people and desire to assist you as you work towards ‘restoring the balance and building a better tomorrow.’ Member: ACA AFAR Contact: Christine Buckingham 0418 104 178 email



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