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Daniel Steven Davis

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed or unfulfilled by life? I understand how overpowering trauma, distress and life transitions can be for people. I also understand how challenging it can be for people to go through mental health battles, and/or support someone going through mental health battles. If you feel stuck in the same daily patterns, or confused with how to progress in life then I am here when you need it most. I have a rich understanding of mental health and the struggles that people go through daily. I understand how exhausting life can be, and I also understand that we ALL crave connection, developing a sense of purpose and enjoying each moment. My heart and mind are dedicated to supporting, empowering and healing people with therapy. My specialties are: anxiety, depression, mental health, career development, creatives, adolescents, psychosocial disorders, carer counselling and professional development. I have worked within the mental health industry for 5+ years.




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