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Deborah Woon

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Hello, my name is Deb. My areas of special interest include Trauma and PTSD (developmental and incidental); attachment styles, anxiety and emotional regulation, coping skills, addictions, life transitions, grief and loss, single parenting, separation, or divorce. I also provide counselling support to individuals and families of clients impacted by mental health diagnoses. I am passionate about mental health recovery and take pride in my clients' success in processing present and past traumas and other presenting difficulties.I work empathetically, collaboratively and compassionately with my clients in a person-centred manner, in a space of safety, discovery and understanding to help deconstruct the issues presented, do some deep work with my clients to gain greater self-awareness, uncover new solutions through deeper self-understanding.I employ a self-kindness approach, and integrate it with relevant evidence-based approaches. I am passionate about valuing and supporting client goals. During my sessions, you'll find a supportive, safe space where I'll help you navigate through these life challenges experienced. I look forward to journeying with you.



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