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Lily is an experienced counsellor, clinical supervisor, coach and educator.She was born and raised in Austria (Europe) before migrating to Australia and raising her family here.Lily brings with her a wealth of experience from working in private counselling practice and at agencies (Anglicare, Centre for Life, Marriage and Family) in Perth.Moreover, she has worked for two decades as an academic (Senior Lecturer in Education) at several universities in Perth (Curtin, Murdoch and Edith Cowan University).Her counselling philosophy is based on the firm belief that the client has all the internal resources and resilience needed for positive change in life. Her counselling approach is integrative in nature meaning, she draws on a range of well established therapies.Her special areas of interest include:life purpose and finding meaninglife transitions incl.becoming a parentgraceful ageingmental health during perimenopause and menopausemental wellbeing for 50+smental health and chronic illnessgrief and losscouple therapyemotion-focused therapy (EFT)John and Julie Gottman's aproachmental wellbeing over the lifespandepressionanxietyeating disordersmental wellbeing at workwork/life balancestress-related issues, e.g., burnoutworkplace bullyingcounselling supervisionIn addition to obtaining relevant qualifications, Lily engages in continuous professional development to support and improve her practice.Examples of professional development courses Lily completed in the past 5 years include:Eating disorders (ACFED)DV Counselling (Lifeline)mental health conditions (e.g., depression, anxiety, panic disorders (MHA)personality disorders (esp. narcissism and borderline) (MHA)spiritual emergence & emergencies (IMHU)loss and grief (MHA)chronic illness and pain (MHA)positive ageing (MHA)working with behavioural addictionstrauma and PTSD (MHA; Blue Knot Foundation)women-centred coaching, facilitation and leadership (Feminine Power, Dr Claire Zammit)Lily is also a women-centred and positive psychology coach and facilitator offering workshops on topics such as Graceful Ageing, Riding the Waves of Menopause, etc..Lily is available for Clinical Counselling Supervision.



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