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Emiline Duncan

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Counselling is a collaborative exploration and unwinding of life's unbearable difficulties. Frequently people find me because they have tried traditional methods of talk therapy with moderate to limited success. I understand that when life overwhelms us it is a whole mind and body experience and thus the indescribable must be met and honored in the same way. With a strong foundation of understanding the nervous system I combine talk therapy with a practice called TRE to support the release and reintegration of overwhelming experiences.Over time we accumulate stress, tension and even trauma in small and big ways. This accumulation can be almost imperceptible in the beginning however over time presents as burn out, chronic pain, anxiety and even depression. We wonder why we used to be able to cope and somehow our resilience has waned.Working with the body and mind allows us to shift at much deeper levels than just the mind alone. I am passionate about working with those who have long term anxiety/depression, have left abusive relationships or have experienced trauma that others struggle to understand.With the right support everyone can heal. I work Australia wide both online and in person.If you would like to see if we are a good fit to work together please get in touch via email at or by phone by calling 0419 101 665.


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