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Evdokimos Christou

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As a Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor, Evdokimos provides a safe and confidential space to explore problems that may be diminishing a clients well-being and preventing them from living a full and satisfying life.Specialising in problem gambling therapy to provide an opportunity for clients to work towards increasing their well-being by becoming free of problem gambling. When a client comes to Evdokimos with a gambling problem the first and most important step is to help them cut down or stop gambling altogether, depending on their individual goals and needs. To this end, practical ways of dealing with “triggers” to gambling, develop strategies for avoiding temptation, and look at options for managing motivation so as to minimise opportunities to gamble.A “two-tier” approach is adopted by working with clients to explore the origins of the problem and the underlying reasons why they gamble. Gambling insight and understanding helps a client come to terms with the problem and overcome the addiction.


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