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Gomezga Simfukwe

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As human beings we were designed to thrive in our individuality and collectively through deep relationships. Unfortunately, most of us learn very quickly that the world can be a tough place and consequently we end up living disconnected lives. When life events find us in a place of disconnectedness, we become vulnerable to suffer all kinds of ailments. My passion is to meet people where they're at and bring about a renewed sense of hope in a world that can often feel hopeless. As we connect during therapy, my clients are able to see themselves and the world differently. I use a person-centered approach in my work which acknowledges the uniqueness of the individual. Having acquired numerous tools, I work with the client to understand which tool best works at the time. I also value what the client brings to the relationship in terms of their knowledge and experiences. Together we create emotional experiences that challenge initial negative perceptions acquired through traumatic situations. I began gathering these tools as a young man in Zambia and have continued to add to my toolbox here in Australia having gained a Bachelor of Pastoral Ministry from Perth Bible College, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Master of Counselling from Murdoch University and a Certificate in Professional/Clinical Supervision through Supervision Training Services (STS) in Melbourne. My clients include individuals, couples and practitioners seeking supervision.


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