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Hollie Murdoch

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I specialise in couples and relationship therapy, Couple EMDR, working with couples to improve and deepen communication and connection, support around parenting challenges, I offer therapy to help with depression, anxiety, stress management and relationship issues. I work with Individual clients providing AI-EMDR and parts work and to deepen an understanding of yourself and make sense of your emotional landscape and get relief from thought patterns that keep you stuck. I am a clinical supervisor with around 18 year experience working with couples and relationships. I am Gottman Level 3, RT clinical practitioner + Train the trainer; Educator (TAFE, TAE); EMDR; AI-EMDR, Couple AI-EMDR; Transpersonal Art Therapist.Building an intimate relationship that lasts long beyond the honeymoon phase is one of the most difficult things we will ever do.I work with couples toconsciously deepen their connection,recover from infidelity/ affair,manage ongoing conflict,work through parenting stress,deal with family issues,deal with external stresses on the relationship, andmany other issues that they’re facing.The therapy is designed to empower couples with the tools to manage relationship issues and deepen their connection; paving the way for intimacy, happiness and friendship. Relationship counselling should be a positive experience for both people in the relationship and together we will navigate the areas of conflict and deepen understanding.I also guide people to connect deeply to what matters to them, supporting them to have fulfilling relationships, a life of purpose and meaningful careers. I work in a way that empowers clients to understand their difficulties in a creative way that facilitates healing; thereby assisting them to gain greater insight into their lives. I view therapy as an empowering collaborative process, I work with the LGBTQI community and provide safe, non-judgement space.


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