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Janine Sharpe

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Janine has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare and social support services working with adults, adolescents and families and offers:* Short- and long-term counselling and psychotherapy.* Clinical supervision for counsellors.* Critical incident support and debriefing services.* SIRA NSW Allied Health Provider.* Victims Services Counselling Provider* EMDR TherapyJanine is passionate about stress management, recognising resilience and working with individual innate strengths and abilities to achieve a greater sense of wellbeing.Janine utilises the latest research in ways to manage stress to achieve quick and effective relief from the stressors of everyday life and draws upon a variety of therapies and trauma informed practices that include:Cognitive Behaviour Therapy CBTEMDR: Eye Movement Desenitization Reprocessing Therapy.Solution Focused TherapyPerson Centred TherapySomatic PracticesMindfulness, Guided imagery and Meditation.Together we will explore beleifs, thoughts and feelings that are not supportive and develop self regulation skills and emotional flexibility.Where trauma and traumatic memories are causing disturbance EMDR therapy can be utilised as it is designed to allivieate the distress associated with traumatic memories. After successful treatment with EMDR therapy, emotional distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological arousal is reduced.



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