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Jedda Wells

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What is happening for you that is making it difficult to live a comfortable life or work in a comfortable environment?    When people seek healing, many come clutching a story that they and others may only have considered from one angle. Using Narrative Therapy, humour and a bit of poking, my skill lies in expanding the view so we can fully see the influences that are keeping pain, worry or addiction alive. I have journeyed through many paths in my life, and am very comfortable talking about homelessness, child abandonment, sex work, redundancy, divorce, addiction, alcoholism, blended families and many other shadows that you too may find yourself under.For your Social and Emotional health, it's important that the counselling space is comfortable for you. I offer a place, physical or online, where you can speak freely about any person or event or feeling, using language that is suitable for your own expression.My services included counselling for all clients, cultural supervision for Aboriginal Australians and professional supervision for Counsellors. My approach is influenced by Narrative Therapy, Single Session Solution-Focused Therapy, Indigenous Community Practices and my identity as a Yuwaalaraay [Aboriginal] Australian.


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