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Joanie Sanderson

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I am an experienced Family Counsellor in Private Practice, I work from my home which gives my clients a sense of Privacy in a small town. I am told by my clients that I have great empathy with them which helps them to feel safe to open up and share their story always encouraging my clients to explore their full potential. Trained Supervisor ACA qualified available face to face/ phone or online I have a great rapport with children and youth which allows them to explore their feelings in a trusting way. I love the work that I do as a counsellor and find it very rewarding. I often work with families where there have been huge breakdown in communication and just seeing changes in these families because they stop and listen to one another in a safe environment is awesome. I also use EFT in my counselling practice, it really helps so many people to overcome many fears to deal better with grief and to help in so many other ways. I love to teach from very young children right up to adults the awesomeness of their Brains and how by looking after their brains they can reach their full potential.



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