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After completing Nursing, I worked in the Middle East, UK , Europe and Africa and returned to Australia to study a wide number of subjects and settled on a degree with a major in Psychology at the University of NSW. During that time under the auspices of the Wayside Chapel, Kings Cross, with 2 other Health professionals we started the first Drug and Alcohol Centre in NSW, and also the first Gay and couple counselling Clinic at the Chapel. Later, I worked for the Department of Community Services, in child care and as a District Officer in the community and Courts. Further into the 1980s, when employed by the NSW Education Department, I introduced Transactional Analysis in Anger management to years K to Year 6 in the inner city playgrounds with other programs including NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) for learning difficulties, sex education, and Parenting Models (PET/STEP) groups. Being a mother then, of 4 (including triplets) this was beneficial to me and I believe a realistic and culturally educating course for many of the ethnic families I worked with in inner Sydney.While with The Health Department as a general Counsellor I was trained in Child and Adult Sexual Assault counselling and introduced Pre Court preparation and education, and later also worked in Drug Rehabilitation and Methadone Units, running groups for young mothers with addictions, and recently released men from Prison on the methadone program. Diffusing confrontations and fights became another skill I developed.I later trained in Mediation with the Qld Attorney Generals Dept. During my 9.8 years in the Queensland Police Service as a Human Services Officer, I was part of a group of 8 who wrote the Critical Incident Stress Policy, including Debriefing and Trauma intervention, the Drug and Alcohol Policy and The Peer Support Manual for the Regions. The introduction of well-trained Peer Support Officers dropped the suicide rate in the City police from 1.5 yearly to zero for 9 years. We also assisted with the Suicide protocol and Policy for police officers. Following training sessions with Dr.Shapiro in 1991, I advocated and introduced EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing) following Critical incidents in the Brisbane city region. The emphasis was on research in 1990s and many police were enthusiastic to participate.I became a foundation member for both EMDR and CISD associations. Since that time I have worked in Community based organisations with Domestic Violence, Trauma and running a variety of courses. While with Lyngard Private Hospital  Psychiatric services in Newcastle working largely with Post Trauma patients from First Responders and Military backgrounds, as well as directly with Military personnel. Due to my interest in the Brain, EMDR and trance, I decided to train Hypnosis and have found it fascinating, especially in relation to EMDR, for anxiety, depression and modifying behaviour.Currently I am in private practise and work part time with a variety of clients.I also offer training courses in EMDR/EMIT



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