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Judith Szucs

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My passion is to support individuals, couples, or supervisees in achieving their goals. I co facilitate awareness and assisting in coaching in the process in creating new neural brain pathways. Resulting in new thoughts, actions, and habits.Resulting in achieving results, in a shorter time frame, through self-understanding, with compassionate insight and support and sometimes great humour.I am dedicated to my continual path of self- awareness, academic knowledge,and lived experience creating empowerment. I have the privilege of working within the local community for over 20 years. With my additional skills as a body therapist, I have the skills, experience of bodily functions and the impact of trauma and on our mental health.I am passionate, to co facilitate change and get results, in a shorter number of sessions.I co facilitate addressing emotional, mental health, spiritual and physical / somatic complaints / conditions. Your alternative to medical intervention and pharmaceutical products. I support and coach your self-discovery, through raising awareness. Providing tools to counter stress and the effects on our body.Resulting in achieving the feeling of happiness and well-being.Visit my Web for more information on



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