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Leila Fanni

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I have specialized in working as a multi-generational family trauma counsellor and help with complex crises such as PTSD and use a variety of techniques tailored to specific client needs.I have great experience working with very difficult multi-generational family trauma, complex crisis trauma and PTSD cases. In working with individuals and families, I overcome many challenges, including identity, shame, guilt, culture, loss and grief, childhood attachment issues, anxiety and depression, relationship issues, domestic violence and stressful transitions during the lifespan or major changes such as moving locations.My expert training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) proves to be a very useful approach for my clients as a method to regulate emotions. As a trauma counsellor, I focus on isolating and understanding the core problems to help people grow and move forward. I do not focus on symptoms like stress and lack of sleep but delve deeper to uncover the underlying drivers.



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