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Lindy Chaleyer

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Using a broad spectrum of modalities, Lindy assists her clients to understand the shifts which arise at every stage of life. In addition to general counselling for depression and anxiety, Lindy specialises in four areas: Couples – Using Emotionally Focused and integrated Therapies Lindy works to support couples through their challenges. Illness – Personal experience of chronic and life threatening disease has enabled Lindy to focus her counselling skills on clients with an illness and those close to them. Lindy supports these people as they grapple with an initial diagnoses and the challenges presented by living with an illness day to day. Families – In addition to general family counselling, Lindy works with parents endeavouring to cope with adolescents and young adults suffering from depression, drug addiction, and related self-harming behaviours. Disability and Ageing- The process associated with placing a loved one into assisted care due to age, illness or disability is impactful for a family. Lindy works with families and individuals as they embark on this often stressful process.



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