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Marie Boulianne

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Counsellor, Supervisor, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse. Marie Boulianne has obtained holds qualifications in Counselling, Nursing, Mental Health as well as Life Coaching. With these qualifications and a strong background in administration, supervision and teaching, Marie formed Beyond Words Counselling in 2005 and built up a strong client base from the ground up, gradually expanding via advertising, creating a professional website, and building clientele from referrals from professional organisations and health service providers. Beyond Words Counselling provides reasonably priced counselling services to everyday people with everyday concerns. Our coaching style of counselling sets us apart from our competitors. Rather than limiting our focus purely on the past and present, we empower and guide our clients to focus on where they want to be, and how we can work together to achieve desired goals. Clients often make their first appointment because they feel powerless, and we focus on empowering them with the tools and skills that will help them turn their lives around. Marie also offers supervision to counselling and nursing professionals as well as students and undergraduates. Options are face-to-face, telephone and group sessions. Blending a variety of case review, education, personal and professional enhancement and business development, her sessions are structured to extract the maximum out of supervision in positive and nurturing way.



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