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Matthew Francis Paul Toon

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ACA Registered External Professional SupervisorACA Registered Clinical CounsellorFor over 40 years I have worked across a range of roles and settings within the Social, Community and Education secotrs.I have worked as a Registered COUNSELLOR since 2013. I am a members of twoACA Colleges – Supervisors & Clinical Counsellors.All of of my professional working life has been about mutual growth through collaboration with indviduals, groups and communities through the lenses of social justice, compassion and ecology.I have been a special education teacher, a community development worker, a team leader, a school administrator, a university teacher, a Registered Counsellor and an External Professioanl Supervisor.My private professional practice is focused on  Supervison [both Clinical & Professional] & Counselling.My pracitce approach is strongly influence by Narrative and Nature Based Therapies. These each being grounded in a Social Constructionist orientation.In recent years I have been consciously incoporating Outdoor – Nature Based Therapy into my practice framework. I have come to apprecaite that an openess and curiousity for Outdoor – Nature Based Therapy approaches often has the capacity to enhance the experience and opportunities of the person coming to consult. I incorporate Nature Based practices in collaboration with the person/s who come to consult and find that NBT is a gentle, strong and positively complementary influence.I work in private practice based from Graceville East in Brisbane. Offerring face to face work within an enclosed, sheltered garden setting. If requested by those coming to consult with me I am also able to meet people in safe open parkland and urban bushland settings to further incorporate the complementory influence of nature.I am also available for online and telephone based consultation.I have been a clinical supervisor with final year course participatnts within the Master of Counselling program at QUT in Birsbane, between 2018 – 2021. From Augsut 2020 to January 2023 I worked  part time as a Community Development Worker at Hummingbird Hospice in Brisbane, Queensland's only Children's Hospice. I found this a positively contrasting and complementary role to my private practice work.In my PRIVATE PRACTICE these are some of my areas of work:(a.) PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION with a range of practitioners from: Community Development; Education (Secondary & Tertiary); Organisational Leadership & Management; Social Work; Social Activism; Ministry.(b.) CLINCIAL SUPERVISON with Counsellors. I am a Member of the ACA College of Counsellors.(c) COUNSELLING – I am member of the ACA College of Clinical Counsellors.My priviate practice days are only Thursday & Friday.I SHOULD EXPLAIN THAT WHILE MY FULL NAME IS MATTHEW FRANCIS PAUL TOON THIS CAN BE CONFUSING AS  -PEOPLE KNOW  ME  AS  – PAUL Toon



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