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Melissa Huestis

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Melissa supports the wellbeing of adults, young people and children, as well as fellow counsellors in supervision. Melissa works with individuals, families or groups. Melissa offers:- Supervision conversations where workers are supported in their own self-agency through narrative conversations, drawing on the resources of the worker. (Client testimonial – Melissa is a fantastic supervisor. Her warm, empathetic and client-directed style helps me to go at a pace that I feel comfortable as well as reach a deeper understanding of myself, learning how my emotions and history arise when carrying out counselling myself. I feel I have become a more confident, reflective and knowledgeable counsellor since working with Melissa. She is extremely skilled at narrative therapy, an approach which works incredibly well in a supervisory setting and which she uses with ease. I highly recommend Melissa as a supervisor for anyone from any discipline!)- a warm, caring, respectful and supportive approach, using strengths-based coaching and counselling. – support for clients to draw on their own skills, abilities and strengths. – a blend of art and craft for non-verbal expression if wished for, reinforcement of hopes and dreams, as well as mindfulness, for those interested. Clients have said:-Melissa was very approachable and I felt comfortable talking with her.-Melissa assisted me greatly whilst letting me be the one in control.-Melissa listened to what I was saying, was able to summarise key points I had made and gave me the opportunity to investigate what my true feelings were in relation to my goals. Melissa brought to light things I had not considered consciously which were of great benefit to me in making an informed decision.- Melissa has a very caring and considerate nature which allowed me to open up to her and discuss my issues thoroughly. She did not judge me in any way.- Having Melissa listen and throw questions or comments that made me evaluate some of my practice and other peoples practice was appreciated. Making me feel adequate in my job as a parent/carer, when at some points I was doubting the decisions I was making. Encouraging me to see other aspects of education and behaviour in a different light. From our engagement, I can already see Melissa’s expertise and experiences shine. Her knowledge is reassuring and her method of engagement has proven that. Melissa is very friendly and welcoming.



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