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You promised you would not watch online porn or live sex cams again. You feel guilt and shame because you want to stop but cant. You visited a sex worker during lockdown and now you are worried you might have put the health of your family at risk. You plan to spend a short time on dating apps and find yourself spending hours on them, unable to put them down, feeling desperate and hopeless. You have an instant attraction when you meet a particular type of person, believing they are the one. You are in recovery for alcohol / drug addiction, but your compulsive sexual acting out behaviours have increased and you feel guilt and shame.I help people whose lives are unmanageable due to the impact of sex, love, pornography addiction and enmeshment to heal their pain so they can develop healthier relationships with themselves and others. I am a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist and also specialise in treating adults who are enmeshed with a parent.You may be in despair and feel hopeless, but I can assure you there is hope and a way forward. I have helped many people move from the pain of addiction to leading fulfilled and better lives. I will work with you to identify problematic sexual behaviours, including any underlying issues you may have. I will create a safe healing space for you to recover.



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