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Michelle Lam

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I believe that after food, water and shelter, the relationship that we have with ourselves and each other directly influences the quality of our lives. While relationships can sometimes be difficult and bring up distressing emotions such as shame, frustration, anxiety, loneliness and deep sadness and pain, relationships are also the source love and joy and the place where healing of past hurts can occur.I take a holistic approach to counselling and psychotherapy which creates an opportunity for the integration of the whole person – thoughts, feelings, body and spirit. If we are not connected to any one of these, our ability to live a full life is limited.My intention is to develop a relationship with you that is compassionate, respectful and honest so that you can experience being seen, accepted and understood as you really are. I will also invite you to explore, understand and fully experience the impact of your thoughts, feelings and ways of behaving.The opportunity to explore and deepen your connection to who you really are often leads to:• feeling more confident and at ease with being true to yourself;• greater acceptance of things in your life that you would like to change but cannot;• the ability to discover new options available to you and make decisions with clarity;• feeling empowered and better able to manage any difficulties you may face;• more nourishing and satisfying relationships; and• a renewed enthusiasm and a desire to engage fully in a richer and more fulfilling lifeI have a particular interest in working with clients who have experienced emotional wounding during their childhood or in life generally. I generally use a combination of somatic/body orientated, narrative and psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness, family constellations, focussing and brainspotting when working with clients.


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