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Mihajlo Glamcevski

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Dr. Milê Glamcevski holds a Ph.D. and four Master’s degrees in the disciplines of Psychology, Social Work, Counselling, and Business; he was recently awarded a Knighthood and named Charles Sturt Alumni of the Year for services to the community. He has a career providing services to the education and mental health sector spanning over 25 years, during which time he has worked across three continents. He has worked in clinics, educational environments, and community organizations in Australia, Malaysia, Turkey, Cambodia, Nauru, and East Timor providing mental health support. He has invested most of his working life in interdisciplinary mental health and education development and has also maintained an international profile and supervises a range of domestic and international research projects. He regularly publishes in a range of areas and provides conference presentations domestically and internationally. Milê believes the key to successful mental health is early intervention and thinks school and community organisations are the keys.




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