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Monica Mitry is a Clinical Supervisor, counselor, social worker, and the owner of Blossom Counselling Service; a mobile counseling and social work provider, servicing both individual clients, families, NDIS clients, and businesses. Clients have the option of Christian or secular service provision, within a person-centered service, tailored to suit the nature of the organization Monica is representing and each individual client’s needs. Monica uses a high level of micro-skills and interpersonal techniques, combined with the latest industry knowledge, to deliver interventions based on a collaboration of theoretical frameworks, holistic and evidence-based principles. Monica’s approach is socially-inclusive, trauma-informed, and solution-focused and incorporates techniques from art therapy, gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, schema therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and acceptance and commitment concepts, amongst many more. Monica has performed comprehensive assessments and planned treatment strategies for clients with complex and co-morbid issues and can work with children, adolescents, adults, people with disabilities, and the elderly.Monica has completed a Diploma of Counselling and Coaching, a Bachelor of Social science, (Social work)  a Masters in Social work, and a Certificate of Attainment of Clinical Counseling Supervision. Monica is a level 2 member of the Australian Counselling Association, and a member of the ACA College of supervisors and the Australian Association of Social Workers.  In her spare time, Monica enrolls in many diverse themed, seminars, webinars, and workshops to actively pursue personal development. Besides expanding her knowledge extensively beyond traditional course work, these seminars have opened networking opportunities for Monica with colleagues working in the community sector from all over Australia, which adds value to the quality of services she can provide. Monica also maintains subscriptions to some of the largest organizations and inter-agencies within the areas she works in, to constantly stay informed of geographically relevant resources and best practice. Equally, she also maintains links with the international community sector via social media, to say in knowledgeable of global resources, current events, and worldwide best practices.In addition to being a counselor and social worker, Monica was crowned ‘Young Writer of the year,’ for the Knights of the Southern Cross Inc., after writing an article labeled ‘What makes a man!’ in 2000. She is currently writing a book and will continue to pursue her passion for working internationally with refugees and asylum seekers, as both an advocate and a volunteer counselor, using telehealth mediums. 



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