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Peter O'Toole

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My counselling service provides professional supervision and addresses issues listed that can prevent a person from being fully alive. A positive psychology focus aims to help people to be resilient and able to successfully manage the challenges life can present. I have over 3 years’ experience as a School Chaplain addressing issues of Grief and Loss, Bullying, Family Concerns, all School Related Concerns and relationship issues. Grief and loss associated with serious illness, death and other forms of grief and loss associated with job loss, relationship breakdown and other life changing experiences often need to be addressed through counselling. I have had over 40 years’ experience as a Secondary School teacher. I have been a therapeutic foster carer for over 19 years and have had over 50 boys from 4 years old to 18 years old in my care.I received the Create Carer's Award at the 2019 Victorian Protecting Children Awards night.



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