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Phoebe Hutchison

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I am a counsellor and author of 2 books and The PLP Mental Health and Addiction Program. I specialize in: Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD & Trauma, Relationships, Grief & Loss and Workplace Issues. My 1st book, Honeymooners Forever, Twelve Step Marriage Survival Guide and my 2nd book, Are You Listening? Life is Talking to You, empower readers and clients with simplified strategies. My 3rd book (not released yet), is PLP: Passionate Life Program, a very powerful program for helping clients in job agencies heal, reduce or stop substance use, and feel connected to life again. In our company, PLP Solutions, we hire trauma informed, empathetic counsellors, and teach them the PLP Mental Health and Addiction Program. We have counsellors in job sites in WA, NSW and Victoria. PLP is simple, yet effective, with thorough assessment and fast results using our 12 step model. The results have been astounding. I am passionate about helping others heal and live their best possible life. (My goal is to reduce world wide depression. With the PLP Solutions, this is becoming a reality). The PLP has been transforming client's lives since 2013… Since February 2020, with the inception of PLP Solutions, this exciting program has been helping clients heal from depression, reduce anxiety symptoms, and experience full recovery (or reduction of substance use) in job sites all over Australia. Feel free to visit my website:




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