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Sandy Robinson

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Do you need help making changes in your life? Do you want someone to talk with who will understand, with absolute confidentiality? Utilising a combination of counselling, psychotherapy* and hypnotherapy techniques to achieve optimal results, I can give you the tools to effectively deal with issues such as anxiety, compulsive behaviours, phobias, chronic pain management, lifestyle and relationship issues and addictions including smoking, alcohol and drugs. I am here to help you achieve happiness and success by enabling you to manage whatever comes your way……with confidence! You will find the support you need to create strategies and real solutions to get back on track with your life, health and relationships. *Psychotherapy is a collaborative therapy based on the relationship between an individual and a therapist. It is grounded in dialogue (sometimes referred to as 'talking therapy'), is completely confidential and provides a supportive environment that allows you to talk openly in an objective, neutral and non-judgmental environment. As a supervisor I specialise in helping practitioners starting out and developing their practice as well as a deep understanding of relationship counselling both at home and in the workplace.



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