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My firm belief is that every individual possesses the inherent ability to enact meaningful change in their lives, unlocking contentment through their own solutions. As a counsellor, I see it as my duty to empathetically embrace the perspectives of those I assist, guiding them towards self-awareness and positive transformation. Utilizing various therapeutic modalities such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), my professional experience spans across diverse demographics, including adolescents, adults, survivors of suicidal attempts, refugees, and individuals grappling with trauma, anxiety, and depression.Tailoring my approach to meet the unique needs of each client, I integrate additional therapies such as narrative therapy (NT), solution-focused therapy (SFT), and person-centered therapy (PCT). Furthermore, I understand that some clients find comfort in simply receiving attention and understanding. Recognizing the profound impact of neurobiological processes, I employ techniques aimed at modulating stress hormones and reshaping neural pathways, fostering a shift from negative thought patterns to a more positive self-perception.Central to my practice is the cultivation of mindfulness and meditation, helping to recalibrate clients' default mode networks and attenuate inner dialogue. This empowers individuals to nurture self-assurance and regain control over their lives, transcending feelings of disconnection to embrace joy and fulfillment. Grounded in empirical evidence, the incorporation of daily meditation fosters enhanced self-confidence, vitality, and cardiac well-being.Respecting the autonomy and agency of each client, I approach our interactions with genuine empathy and active engagement. With a specialized therapeutic framework, Arabic proficiency, keen listening skills, and a profound reverence for the inherent worth of every individual, I guide clients towards resolution and personal growth.My framework as a counsellor is as follows:1.    Investigate underlying factors that may have contributed to the development of the current difficulties. These could include childhood experiences, genetic predispositions, and personality traits.2.   Identify factors that maintain or exacerbate the client's symptoms over time. These could include maladaptive coping strategies, cognitive distortions, and environmental stressors.3.    Recognize the strengths and resources that the client possesses, which may support their ability to cope with challenges and facilitate recovery. These could include supportive relationships, coping skills, and resilience.4.    Consider the impact of cultural beliefs, values, and societal norms on the client's experiences and help-seeking behaviours.5.    Consider pertinent diagnostic criteria from classification systems like the DSM-5 or ICD-10 based on the gathered information to guide the formulation.6.    Construct a coherent case formulation by integrating the gathered information, and explaining how various factors interact to produce and maintain the client's difficulties. This formulation should provide a framework for understanding the client's experience and guide treatment planning.7.   Involve the client in the formulation process to ensure their perspective is considered and to enhance engagement and motivation for treatment.8.    Based on the formulation, collaboratively develop a treatment plan that targets the identified factors contributing to the client's difficulties. This may involve a combination of therapeutic modalities, medication, lifestyle changes.9.   Continuously monitor the client's progress throughout treatment, regularly reviewing and updating the formulation and treatment plan as needed to ensure it remains relevant and effective. 



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