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Do you feel overwhelmed, and are you not coping? Burdened under the pressure of a multiple load? Do you feel that you need help to set goals, boundaries and are you in need of structure, strategy and techniques to help you? Do you feel that you are struggling with your relationships and that past issues are catching up to how you currently feel? Have you experienced trauma or are you going through a very emotional time in your life? Would you like to feel empowered in your relationships and feel more healthy in body, soul and spirit?As a therapist, I believe that some of our problems are rooted in the subconscious mind. Issues brought into sessions often stem from unresolved childhood conflicts and trauma. My goal is to help you see how early childhood experiences could be effecting your current habits, feelings and behaviours. Change, healing and hope come from the therapeutic process.As the client you have the right to be heard and to feel safe in an atmosphere of non-judgement, care, trust and confidentiality.



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