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Pre & Post Natal Issues
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Danae Beckwith

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Danae (she/her) is a Relationship & Family Therapist, Sexologist, and Educator living on Mandandanji country. Danae has the mindset that talking about sex, pleasure, and relationships does not have to be shameful or taboo. A natural-born communicator, she enjoys creating a setting where her clients can feel relaxed and free to talk about their sexual health in a safe, judgment-free environment. She can help you learn more about communication within your relationships and for your children.She can help you explore intimacy, pleasure, sexual difficulties and help you find more enjoyment from sex. She aims to give balanced advice in a non-judgemental setting. As an LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent friendly and non-touch therapist, Danae creates a safe space where you can enhance your relationships and make your sex life more fulfilling. Patient well-being is her number one priority, and she goes above and beyond to help you through all your obstacles. Danae follows your journey through exploration of sexual functioning, intimacy, desire, pleasure, mismatched libido, and other relationship difficulties.Nothing is taboo. 


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