All ACA Members must adhere to the ACA Code of Ethics. The ACA’s complaints process aims to safeguard the public, members, and the reputation of the counselling profession.

Complaints may be lodged by members of the public who have utilised services provided by an ACA Member or by an ACA Members themselves. ACA does not have jurisdiction to address complaints against individuals who are not members.

If you lodge a complaint, you are required to provide the counsellor’s name, as well as your own name and contact information. Anonymous complaints will not be processed, as it is necessary to have the counsellor’s name and the complainant’s full contact details.

Please submit your details along with a brief, concise overview of your complaint. You will then be contacted and given the opportunity to formally present your complaint. It is essential to provide evidence supporting your complaint for further investigation.

Refer to the ACA Complaints Procedural Guidelines for a comprehensive understanding of the complaint resolution process.

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