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Oliver is a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist, Registered Professional Counsellor (ACA Level 4), and experienced group facilitator. He has worked in human services for over a decade and has more than five years of experience running adult education groups. Oliver has run behavior change groups, Relationship Education groups, and professional development workshops for Relationships Australia for 5 years.Oliver is known as a calm, welcoming, and thoughtful facilitator. He speaks clearly and with heart about the topics he is passionate about (especially everything IFS related!). As a presenter and group leader he is highly organised, offering structured workshops which provide digestible building blocks of knowledge reinforced with visual, live, or recorded examples. He is also flexible and follows the cues and needs of participants.You will receive engaging information delivered in an open and interactive manner. While you are in the role of participant Oliver welcomes all parts of you, including those who may feel skeptical about the course content. All curious questions are welcome – he believes it deepens the learning for all.Oliver knows that to take his clients through the process of healing, he must walk beside them. Oliver is committed to his own personal healing journey as an IFS client, committing to regular IFS therapy. He also commits to regular supervision with  IFS Lead Trainer Kirsten Lundeberg from the IFS Institute and attends an advanced IFS consulting group with Robert Falconer fortnightly. Oliver integrates the IFS model into his day-to-day life and spiritual practices.“In the IFS workshop, I want to facilitate a safe interactive, and engaging experience. Where you will have the opportunity to learn the theory and process of IFS therapy. You will also experience several IFS mediations to meet some of your own parts, and two live demonstrations of IFS therapy, and I will provide you the time and space to practice IFS first steps yourself. I am very excited to have you in my group” – Oliver, December 2022


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