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Carolyn Ganzevoort

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Counsellor and Professional SupervisorHi, I'm Carolyn and I specialise in warmly assisting individual adult clients to explore the most important aspects of their lives, including:relationship issuesparentingseparation & divorceprocessing betrayaldatingperfectionismpeople-pleasing bahavioursstress and anger managementhealth concernscareer & workplace issuesunpacking hurt & sadnessgrief and losscommunicating & relating effectively to othersI love supporting clients as they make positive steps towards living their best lives.I can help you to unpack emotional pain, stress, dilemmas, confusion or doubt and provide an unconditionally "person-centred' supportive and encouraging space to speak freely and openly about anything that's bothering you.I am non-judgemental and will assist you to feel emotionally safe and well supported.Special interest area: As well as counselling, I offer various facilitated programs. They are designed to help you to gain a range of effective skills and techniques, plus discover personal insights and perspectives that may be invaluable for overcoming and advancing a particular area of you life. Visit my website to learn more.I also have a special interest in equestrians and assist many local and national owners and competitors – click here for more information.Please refer to my counselling website for further information, including fees for counselling sessions, workshops and programs.Professional Supervision for CounsellorsI am also an accredited Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association, providing clinical and administrative supervision to registered Australian counsellors at Level 1 and 2.I have a special interest in private practice start up, supporting new graduates and those venturing into private practice for the first time.I am passionate about providing quality, affordable supervision to counsellors in person or by phone or Zoom videoconferencing. Please see my supervision website (click here) for further information. 



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