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Amelia Best

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I'll help you find a way through whatever is bothering you by teaching you a different way of relating to your problems which will be a total relief. The changes you make will be lasting, life-enhancing and uniquely yours. You may have never had therapy, or be like many of the people I work with and have seen lots of other therapists before and nothing has really stuck. It could be a familiar old depression feeling creeping back in, you might be feeling conflicted about what to do about a situation, whatever it is, I can help.I specialise in a kind of therapy called Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy that taps into how your body responds when you talk about what's happening as a way to find out more, and eventually, a satisfying solution. What works best about this style is that the answers come from you, and in a way that captures exactly what's needed next.It's really good that you are making moves towards making your life better, that takes guts. You are welcome to get in contact and we can have a 1.5-hour session to talk through what you would like to work on most. After that session, we will both get a really good idea of whether it's a good match and we can take it from there.



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