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Christine Lawless

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Christine is a counsellor, supervisor, EFT advanced practitioner and Evidence Based EFT mentor on Dr Peta Stapleton's (Bond Uni) EBEFT mentoring team, helping to ensure the finest level of accreditation for EFT practitioners (emotional freedom techniques). My aim is to make a continuous, positive difference in the lives of others. I view my counselling modalities of EFT (tapping), CBT and mindfulness based practices to be the most effective ways in which this can be achieved.I work with all areas of trauma and issues arising from trauma, whether known or not.I specialise in parenting and work with couples to improve relationships within marriage and partnerships, working to assist them to form strong, healthy, connected relationships with their children of all ages.I have extensive experience counselling academic professionals and execustives with career and workplace concerns, helping those wanting to find an intelligent balance in their career and family life and move forward in their work life.With over twenty years experiencing practicing mind-body medicine, I have a passion for assisting clients with relieving stress and anxiety. Being trauma trained I am also able to assist with bigger issues in a safe way.All of my work in these areas and my previous work as a medical herbalist, has lead to an intense interest in evidence-based techniques such as EFT, epigenetics and the direct relationship of the mind on the body.



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