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Cynthia Nathan

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As a qualified Relationship Counsellor and Pre- Marriage Educator, I am passionate about offering the very best to my clients. To do this I maintain membership with several governing bodies that offer continued professional development and training. These associations include: the Australian Counselling Association (ACA), Marriage and Relationship Educators Association of Australia (MAREAA) and Prepare Enrich. In my personal life, I wear many hats including: wife, a mother of two teenage children, a daughter, daughter in-law, community member and friend. I am fortunate to have spent the past 20 years married to my high-school sweetheart, experiencing and learning from all of life’s ups and downs together. My personal experiences, combined with professional knowledge and training, have enriched my ability to share wisdom, guidance and support to others. I am very passionate about working with couples and helping them from the very beginning of their journey and beyond. My role is to support couples and parents in building a solid foundation which recognises and builds upon their strengths and needs as individuals and together.




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