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Graham Hocking

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With over 25 years’
experience in the people helping field, and over 3500 hours of clinical
practice of Counselling and Holistic Kinesiology.Graham is a caring and empathetic counsellor who journeys with men
and women as they learn about themselves.

As a
nationally registered counsellor and intuitive relationship therapist, Graham’s
work is informed by a long-standing in-depth study of human personality development
and psychopathology. This includes the exploration of intra-psychic and
interpersonal dynamics, and latterly, with a particular focus on the “Authenticity Vs
Attachment” paradigm that exists within all of us that is eloquently
articulated in the lifetime work of Dr Gabor Mate, renowned Hungarian-Canadian
researcher, physician and author.

Graham understands the numerous
challenges life can bring and has significant experience in working with Individuals
& Couples who seek change in their personal lives.

Individuals – Graham has accumulated
extensive clinical practice in supporting individuals whose lives are affected
by anxiety, depression, stress, anger, self-esteem, life transitions, grief
& loss and a wide range of personal challenges.

Men’s Issues – supporting men through
times of transitions, exploring modern day masculinity, crisis of meaning (life
purpose) and mid-life issues.

Imagine being able to speak
honestly to someone about how you really feel, without the fear of being
judged, ridiculed or criticised. We also know that you might feel reluctant or
hesitant at the thought of opening up in counselling.

However, the feedback
Graham’s had from many men is that they’ve found their conversations to be most
effective and validating, that help them to understand what their underlying
issues are, and to face the hidden feelings driving their problems.

Graham established the Authentic
Man Project™ in 2018, and facilitates Authentic Man Project™  Focus Group throughout the year at Park
Orchards and North Fitzroy locations in Melbourne to support men’s wellbeing.

The mind-body science of “Holistic
Kinesiology” is a proven, powerful tool in getting to underlying
issues, many that lie beyond consciousness, yet determine attitudes and beliefs
that cause habitual physical and emotional pain and suffering. By working
together, we can recover your sense of wellbeing and vitality by overcoming
feeling stuck with physical or emotional pain.


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