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Nilanthi Dayananda Sanner

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I am a trauma informed intergrative counsellor trained in EMDR therapy for those with trauma and PTSD backgrounds .I offer face to face as well as online consultations. My areas of experience and interests are in suppprting couples, challenges with fertility , perinatal, postpartum, motherhood, women in all stages of transitions as well as mentoring therapists. I also facilitate therapeutic groups and educational workshops. I marry ancient wisdom with evidence based modern day practices to help you connect with yourself and others so you may find ways best for you to flourish. I use attachment theory models, somatic awareness and mindfullness practices along with psychodynamic approaches with an existential lens as needed. I have lived and worked internationally within various cultural frameworks and have a very diverse and inclusive background of ethnic understandings. I am a mother of an amazing adolescent . I love being in and working with nature that reflects our inner wisdom. If you choose to work with me, you will be held in a deep compassionate and caring space to unravel and take your steps towards your goals with me walking by your side.   


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