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Petra Simpson

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Petra is a Loss and Grief Counsellor and Life-Transitions Coach. She also co-Host of Alemanortv— a mental health chat show. Petra's background was in senior roles in HR in London, before she moved into Management Consultancy, and from there into Personal Development coaching. She subsequently expanded her range and service with counselling certifications, gained both in the UK, and Australia. She’s volunteered for Lifeline, and is now in her sixth year of volunteering for NALAG (The National Association Of Loss And Grief) where she is also the joint co-ordinator for the Sydney branch. A significant life event brought Petra into working with and specialising in loss, grief and the management of life-transitions.  She helps women in particular to make sense of, and manage past and present painful losses, and the impacts on their sense of Self.—Because "How you feel about your life—IS your life. Its 'felt' quality is priceless".She's authored “The Actual Normal”, a book that delvesi deeply into the disabling experiences of loss, grief and suffering. In it, Petra explores how people become disconnected from their agency and even their sense of Self, and offers a practical roadmap for readers to re-engage their power to meaningfully direct their lives. This is particularly relevant in this era of seismic change, that has dislocated us from the ‘usual normal’, and our previous sense of safety and possibility. How to find ourselves and our leverage in the middle of it all is a key question for many right now.  Bringing her own unique take on Grief and Loss through her lived-experience, Petra teaches empowered and powerful ways to grapple effectively with massive challenge and change. As she always reminds people: YOU are the answer!



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