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Amanda Dounis

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Professional Counsellor Majoring in child development and relationship Counselling Licensee and Director of private early childhood services. Married with two adult children and loved by two dogs and a cat. Nutrition, health and fitness are very important to me. My passion over the last 25-30 years has been to educate myself on an ongoing basis with areas that interest me. When I left school I completed a Science Degree with a Major in Psychology. Whilst working I also continued furthering my studies by completing Counselling at both the Diploma and Bachelor Degree level; as well as Teaching in the early childhood sector at both the Diploma and Bachelor Degree level; To link my interests in Counselling and Early Childhood I also completed a Diploma in Child Psychology. I am also a volunteer at Lifeline Suicide Prevention I have also completed my passion of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy and NLP Master Practitioner.  A life coach in 5 separate domains (Forgiveness, REBT Mindset, Goals, Cognitive Behaviour, and Emotional Intelligence.)  I have authored My Coping Skills Handbook and created a successful online course on Coping Skills.  Each year I enjoy broadcasting live seminars on skill building for other professional therapists.




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